Bottle of The Week- Downton Abbey Bordeaux Claret Blend

I am a huge Downton Abbey fan, I won’t lie, and I was more than a little upset that the very last ever episode aired this past Sunday. If, however, I am forced to accept the fact that I will never ever again see another new episode of this fabulous drama, I might as well do it with a glass of wine in hand. What better wine to choose than the Downton Abbey wine itself. The Downton Abbey wine is a Bordeaux Claret blend from the Entre-Deux-Mers region of Bordeaux, France. As I mentioned in a previous post, Bordeaux wine is a blend of several different grape varietals that are grown in the Bordeaux region.


The Entre-Deux-Mers region is the largest of the Bordeaux sub regions, however, not a huge area of the region is actually used for growing grapes because it is mostly forest. The name actually translates to “between two tides”, being situated in the middle of two tidal rivers. The wine from this sub-region is generally enjoyed about a year or so after its vintage. The bottle I drank was s 2014, typical. Occasionally these wines do have the potential to be aged, but generally not often.

This Downton Abbey Bordeaux Claret blend is a blend of 70% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Malbec. A pretty dry and spicy wine, while at the same time managing to retain a light and smooth flavor profile. The flavors are of red and dark berry fruit notes, woodsy with a hint of violet on the nose and a hint of tobacco. The tannins are a little bitter, and the acidity is fairly high. I feel like they could be a bit smoother, as it kind of stuck out as I was drinking it. I liked it, overall, and feel it would be best enjoyed with a meal rather than stand-alone. I give it an 8.5.


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