Our Italian Adventure Continues With Montechiaro Primum Vinum

I know you’ve all been waiting on the edge of your seats for the next post about the wines I had while in Italy. This one is somewhat of a continuation of the last post, as I tried this wine at the same winery, Montechiaro, and subsequently shipped back half a case. As you already know, Tuscany is the land of Sangiovese, so I would be remiss if I did not have at least one 100% Sangiovese wine while I was there. This wine is not classified as a Chianti, but it does bear the IGT designation of the region. In other words, it’s a Super Tuscan.

My cat, Circe, wanted to make a guest appearance. 

IGT stands for Indicazione geografica tipica, which means (as you can probably guess) the designation indicates that it is typical for the geographic region. Basically, these wines did not meet the strict regulations to which DOC and DOCG wines must adhere, but they are still really good so we didn’t want to leave them out of the designation world. The designation came around in the 1970s, because people thought that the restrictions placed on wines by DOC and DOCG were a little bit too restrictive, and the winemakers wanted to have a bit more fun, thus IGT was born.

As I said before, this wine is 100% Sangiovese. It is the signature wine produced by the estate, with grapes selected from their best vineyards which are at least 15 years old. You can definitely tell this is Sangiovese right off the bat, the nose is floral and of ripe berries. It has a little bit of that initial tartness, typical of Sangiovese, which then gives way to somewhat sweet fruit flavors with cherry and blackberry notes. There is also quite a bit of underlying spice and earthiness with coffee, tobacco, and hints of chocolate on the finish. I rate this wine a 9.5. I think it works out to be a little over $20 a bottle, which is pretty typical for a wine of this quality and well worth it.


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