Bottle of The Week-Vietti Roero Arneis

I tend not to drink too many white wines, in fact, correct me if I am wrong, I believe this is the first white I have posted about. With the weather warming up, however, white and rosé is “in season” again. Obviously wine and weather pairings are not an actual thing, but there is something nice about sipping a chilled glass while sitting out on a backyard patio trying to avoid getting too congested from allergies in the springtime. Thus, I give you this week’s bottle; the Vietti Roero Arneis, 2014.

We couldn’t possibly start out the spring season with something so universal as a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, and given my recent theme of Italian wines, the Roero Arneis was the perfect choice. Roero is a pretty small DOCG district in the Piedmont region and is probably best known for producing Nebbiolo wines. In fact, the Arneis grape’s popularity in Roero is largely due to the Nebbiolo grape. Arneis is a much more fragrant grape than the Nebbiolo, and therefore they were often planted side by side with the highly esteemed Nebbiolo to serve as a form of protection, distracting birds and insects and serving as a sort of shield to preserve its treasured neighbor. The Arneis grape is known as being fairly difficult to grow because it has a natural low acidity and tends to get overripe easily, so much so that its name roughly translates from an old local dialect to mean something like “little rascal”.

Despite its slightly challenging cultivation, Arneis makes a lovely crisp and floral wine, perfect for those patio afternoons I mentioned earlier. It has a relatively light, yet fragrant floral blossom nose with a slight apricot/peach fruitness. It has a crisp acidity to it, but definitely not at all overpowering the pear and citrus flavors, concluding a more peachy and nutty finish. Overall it is a lovely white wine if you are looking for something a little different than the usual. I give it a solid 9.0.


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