Bottle of The Week- Castello di ama San Lorenzo Chianti Classico 2010

Instead of my usual Wednesday Bottle of the Week I figured I would do a throwback, all the way back to my Tuscan adventure. It has been three months and I still haven’t run out of wine from our trip to Italy to write about (we drank a lot of wine while we were there)! Surprise, it’s another Chianti. We had the Castello Di Am San Lorenzo Chianti Classico at Osteria la Logge in Siena, recommended to us by the winemaker at Montechiaro winery. La Logge has the vibe of an old Tuscan home turned restaurant, with a small winding staircase leading up to one of the dining rooms, where we were seated. Yet, it maintains a more modern feel by having the kitchen open for all to see not only when you first walk into the restaurant, but also if you happen to be walking by on the street. The ambiance is charming and the risotto is to DIE for. Continue reading


Bottle of The Week- Vietti Perbacco Nebbiolo 2012

MORE ITALIAN WINE!!! I figured I would exhaust all of Northern Italy before moving on to other regions in other countries. Not too long ago I featured another wine from Vietti, but today we shall take a turn from light to dark with the Vietti Perbacco Nebbiolo, 2012. Going back to my Latin roots (and by that I mean the language, not my ancestry) the name for the Nebbiolo grape comes from the Latin nebula, meaning cloud or fog. Which is because in late October, when the Nebbiolo grape is harvested, a fog sets into the Langhe region, where many Nebbiolo vines are grown. I know how much everyone loves Latin roots, so there you have it! Continue reading

A Vertical Detroit Tasting

Vertical and horizontal are not only terms used to refer to the direction in which a picture is arranged, or the location of a point on the X or Y axis. You can also have horizontal and vertical wine tastings! Most of you probably already know this, but for those who do not; a horizontal wine tasting consists of tasting multiple wines of the same varietal and vintage from different wineries, and a vertical tasting is of multiple of the same wine type in different vintages. Both of these tastings can help you identify the small differences between the wines that are more evident when tasting them back-to-back. There is a relatively new establishment in Detroit called Vertical, where they specialize in (obviously) vertical wine tastings.    Continue reading