Bottle of The Week- Vietti Perbacco Nebbiolo 2012

MORE ITALIAN WINE!!! I figured I would exhaust all of Northern Italy before moving on to other regions in other countries. Not too long ago I featured another wine from Vietti, but today we shall take a turn from light to dark with the Vietti Perbacco Nebbiolo, 2012. Going back to my Latin roots (and by that I mean the language, not my ancestry) the name for the Nebbiolo grape comes from the Latin nebula, meaning cloud or fog. Which is because in late October, when the Nebbiolo grape is harvested, a fog sets into the Langhe region, where many Nebbiolo vines are grown. I know how much everyone loves Latin roots, so there you have it!


Nebbiolo famously produces a very highly tannic wine when it is young, but something that matures with age to a fabulous and complex wine. The grape first became popular outside of the Piedmont region in the early 18th century when the British, due to their longstanding conflict with the French, began to search for alternative wine varieties to those produced in the Bordeaux region, and thus Piedmont was “discovered”! Nebbiolo produces some pretty heavy hitters of Italian wine, the Barolo and Barbaresco. The Perbacco, however, is a slightly younger version of the Nebbiolo, where the former two wines are recommended to drink with more aging, the latter you can drink while waiting for those Barolo and Barbarescos to cellar for a few years.


This particular bottle is a medium-bodied red wine, with a nose of violets and a bit of licorice. There are classic flavors of deep fruits, black cherries and a hint of raspberry, with spice and leathery undertones on the extra-long finish along with a hint of minerality. The tannins are silky and well balanced, so overall a very nice example of a younger Nebbiolo wine. I would give it a 9.0, so if you haven’t already tried it, you probably should.


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