Bottle of The Week- Banfi Col di Sasso Toscana IGT 2015

You might recall a few of my posts from when I was vineyard hopping in Tuscany back in March (like this one, or this one, or this one). One of the other wineries that we had a chance to visit was the popular Banfi. This week’s bottle was not one that we tasted while at the winery itself, but I’ll tell you about it anyway. If you are ever in Tuscany I would highly suggest taking a trip to Banfi, the drive alone is well worth it. It’s exactly what you would picture when you think of the Tuscan countryside with winding roads lined by cypress trees.

This bottle is a blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon, which are two grapes that are commonly used in Chianti blends, however, this one is an IGT. I have talked about the different designations of Italian wines before, basically an IGT (Indicazione geografica tipica) is a designation that was constructed a little after DOC and DOCG for wines that didn’t meet all the strict regulations that are associated with those two designations, yet were still great. Generally these IGT wines are referred to as Super Tuscans.

The Col di Saso is a young wine, at only one year old it’s just a baby! Its a great blend of the two grapes, the Cabernet Sauvignon gives it full body while the Sangiovese lends a bit of fruitiness and acidity. It is a bright ruby red color with some purple tones and dark fruit and spice on the nose. It has a decent finish, especially for a wine so young. Overall, for around $12 this wine gives a great value for the price, which is great when you’re in graduate school like I am. This is a pretty versatile bottle and could go well with anything from a lighter pasta, to a more heavy meat dish.


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