Wine Studies Level 1- Grape Varieties

The second class focused mainly on the different grape varieties. Not all the different varietals because there are thousands, of course, but the most well known and distinctive. All of the grapes covered are known as Vitis vinifera grape varieties. Vitis vinifera is actually the genus and species name of these grapes. For those of you interested in etymology, vitis is the latin word for vine. Vinifera is a bit more interesting as it is a combination of two words, vinum meaning wine and ferus meaning wild or untamed. Just by looking at the breakdown of these two words you can understand what exactly a Vitis vinifera grape is, one of the indigenous species of grapes that were growing prior to any sort of cultivation in Europe. Among this illustrious classification are many favorites: Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Nebbiolo, and one of my personal favorites Sangiovese.  Continue reading


Wine Studies Level 1-A Little Bit of Everything

In my quest to learn more about the world of wine I have started taking the Wine Studies courses offered in the Elizabeth Bishop Wine Resource Center at Boston University. Since I am currently working on my Master’s in Gastronomy I can actually take these classes for credit, which makes a lot of people I know pretty jealous. As fun as it sounds to take a class where you get to try a bunch of wine, these classes are quite intensive and very educational. So, I have decided to start a new blog series where I will chronicle my experiences class by class. Continue reading