Dueling Wines, Sangiovese Blends

With the upcoming trip to Italy I have been consuming all the Italian wines I can get my hands on. For this second installment of Dueling Wines we decided, since we will be staying in prime Chianti country, that we would pick a couple of Sangiovese blends to pit against each other. The grape name Sangiovese derives from the Latin sanguis Jovis, which means the blood of Jupiter, so I guess the Romans liked drinking metaphorical blood even before they became Catholic. When the grape is younger it takes on a more fruity spicy flavor, but once it has been aged for a bit, it becomes more earthy and oaky flavors. Sangiovese is well known for its naturally well balanced structure and flavors and is Italy’s most widely planted grape. Continue reading


Dueling Wines, Amarone Style

Great ideas always happen while drinking wine, and this great idea is no different. It is such a great idea, infact, that it involves drinking even more wine! It all started when my friend wanted to have a wine night because she had received a bottle of Amarone for Christmas. I decided that it would be fun to pick up a bottle of Amarone myself, then we could compare the two. I made my way over to Plum Market after work to pick out a bottle and decided to make things a little more interesting than just trying two different bottles of Amarone della Valpolicella, so I bought a bottle of an Amarone style blend from Argentina. Same style of blending and wine making, just from a different place. It was during this taste test dinner that I decided to start a new series for the blog, called Dueling Wines (I get all the best ideas for names from my friends). Here you have it, ringing in a new year with a new blog series! Continue reading